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Have you heard Meagan Lucy Photographers offers Video!

Have you heard Meagan Lucy Photographs now offers video as an add-on to our still photography packages? We have been shouting this from the rooftops for a few months now and this past Saturday we brought out all the new toys to capture Jennifer and Eric’s wedding at the lovely Scribner Bend Vineyards!

Video has always been an interest of mine even back in my college days at Brooks.   I knew then how much was involved in capturing not only the visual but the audio.  The audio is what always stopped me from pursuing it further. Until I knew the visual quality was going to match the audio quality. My attitude was why bother. I will admit it I am a sound snob! Ask my dancing partner we would avoid certain clubs even if it was our favorite DJ! We still wouldn’t go if the sound system wasn’t up to par!

Then I met Ryan!!! (My nickname for Ryan is Hollywood)

Ryan moved to Los Angeles when he was 17. He transitioned from music to sound for Film and TV, sound designing and mixing many projects. In 2009 he started working on productions as a cameraman, instantly falling in love with capturing photos and telling people’s stories. Today he continues editing sound for a wide array of projects on many different platforms.

Ryan’s hometown is Sacramento and when he and his wife Jessica had their son Aiden they moved back home to be closer to their families. 

We are so excited to have this Hollywood star on our team. It is so much fun to get to tell our couple’s love stories in still and video form!

Stay tuned because this is just the beginning!

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