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The Trade Coffee and Co Working Space

After 14 years of driving to the same location it was time to mix things up! I knew I wanted Meagan Lucy Photographers to be located in Mid-Town Sacramento, which by the way has lots of co-working spaces to choose from.  I went on tour after tour and just like goldilocks too hot, too cold and then just right!

I met Amanda co-owner of The Trade Coffee and Co-Working space for a tour, she gave me all the options to choose from.  I was pretty specific in my needs and one of their large offices happened to be available!  I moved in a little over a month ago and keep discovering new thing I love about being here.   I knew it checked every one of my requirements but what I didn’t realize was how much I was going to enjoy being a part of this community of creatives!

This Saturday was the perfect weather for a Second Saturday and it marked the 3 year anniversary of The Trade being in business. This co- working space that involved coffee and a private space to work was a business idea and a solution for both Amanda and her husband Matt.  At the time they met Amanda was working at a coffee shop and was a graphic designer and web developer.  Matt a photographer and magazine publisher at the time seemed destined to combine their forces and create a private space for people to grab a coffee and get some work done.   

Johnny Knudsen a founding member of The Trade and local and international artiest has his touch on all the walls keeping the communal spaces full of inspiration and color! But it’s not Johnny all day everyday this past Saturday he curated an open house with over 30 different artiest, 3 bands and 10 live artiest doing their thing! It was an opportunity for the artiest from all skill levels and all ages to get in front of over 1,000 local’s that came through during the open house.  Making Saturday at The Trade one of the biggest show cases of art Sacramento has ever seen! 

It’s an honor and thrill to call “The Trade Coffee and Co- Working Space” home of MLP!