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Top 5 Things Every Bride (and Groom) Can Learn from Their Wedding Photographer

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Weddings are my sport. And just like all top-level athletes have game day rituals, so do I!

There are things I do before every wedding to ensure I bring my A-game. But this list doesn’t just apply to me, these apply to everyone participating in a wedding celebration.

Here are my top 5 pre-Wedding Tips:

Rule #1: No heavy drinking the night before.

A glass or two the night before at the rehearsal dinner is no big deal, but you don’t want to go hard the night before and be dragging on the day of the real party!

Rule #2: Get your beauty rest.

I know the excitement of the wedding being so close will make it tough, but sleeping is a great way to set yourself up for success! Don’t stay out late (drinking), tuck yourself in early and be ready to rise and shine!

Rule #3: Eat a giant breakfast.

There’s no such thing as lunch at most weddings! There’s breakfast, snacks and then dinner! Don’t skip breakfast or you will get hangry. I promise!

Rule #4 Delegate, delegate delegate!

I suggest this person be a professional wedding planner who can handle all of the speed bumps which may arise! But at least have one point person who has been there with you throughout your planning process to assist you with any obstacles. 

Rule #5: Create some quite time for yourself.

This is my favorite…Take time to reflect on the significance of the day. For brides and grooms: reflect on the promises you are making to each other. The day is going to fly by and you’ve done a ton of work to get there, so take some time to be present for the adventure that waits you!



We hope you find this helpful as you consider your plans for your wedding day. The team a Meagan Lucy Photographers loves helping brides and grooms have amazing wedding celebrations! We love taking the stress out of the day and sharing our experience. Take a look at our Galleries page to see examples of our team’s work.

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