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Top 7 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

The wedding photographer you choose will be one of the most lasting decisions you’ll make as you prepare for your wedding. Many couples make their choices based on a recommendation or a relational connection. But the last thing you want to do is choose a photographer without considering some of the less obvious ways they may impact your wedding day.

Here are my top 7 things you should consider when choosing your wedding photographer:

1. Would I get along with this person if they weren’t a wedding photographer?

Ask yourself, “Could I see myself hanging out with this person?” Let’s face it, even if your photographer’s primary shooting style is photojournalistic they are still going to be with you for most, if not all, of the wedding day. You want to make sure you are a right fit for each other. I highly suggest meeting in person and if that’s possible or setting up a time to chat on the phone or even better video chat! Ask them questions about why they are in the wedding business. You can be an amazing photographer but weddings are a whole other animal. Ask them why do you do what you do? Why are they a wedding photographer?


2. Do I ‘double tap’ this photographer’s work on social media?

What do you want your photographs to look like? What style do you prefer: Natural, Stylized, Editorial, Traditional, and/or Photojournalistic? When you are reviewing a photographer’s work look and see what speaks to you. Are these the types of photographs you’re “liking” on social media?

Most importantly, would you want to hang up their work in your home?


3. What preparation will be done before the wedding day?

Will you be creating a plan with your photographer ahead of time or do you hope they will ‘be inspired’ at the moment? Not discussing a timeline and creating a custom shot list with a photographer could cause major disappointment after the day is over. This process is critical in getting the photos you want, but also gives you a chance to coordinate the timelines of your wedding with your venue and DJ. It’s important to work with a photographer who knows they are working with a team of vendors at your wedding! When it comes to weddings, it really does ‘take a whole village’!


4. Are there any extras fees if things don’t go according to plan?

What if you’re running behind the day of the wedding? Are you charged for overtime? If so, how does that work? Find out what the payment process is before and after the wedding.


5.Can my photographer work at my venue?

Ask your photographer if they carry an insurance policy. Many wedding venues request your photographer to have liability insurance so that everyone is covered on their premises. Make sure your photographer is able to shoot at your venue! This is a great example of an often overlooked scenario that has a big impact.


6. How does this photographer book their days?

Learn how many events your photographer does in a day. Does your photographer have a tight schedule or offer you flexibility? Would it cause a conflict if you decide to do your ceremony in the afternoon instead of a morning? Or, like I mentioned in #4 above, if you’re running behind will they be available for over time or would they have to rush out to another wedding?


7. What preparation is done in case there are technical issues?

Many photographers spend thousands of dollars on new equipment every year, but this doesn’t ensure that everything will work all of the time. If something isn’t working correctly, do they have backup equipment? And will you get the same quality as their original equipment? Our camera bags are our tool kits. It’s fun to hear photographers ‘geek out’ on their equipment so just ask, “What do you bring to a wedding and why?”



I hope you find this helpful as you consider who you’ll choose as a wedding photographer. Take a look at our Galleries page to see examples of our team’s work.

If you have any questions about Meagan Lucy Photographers, please feel free to contact us at any time!